Setting in Motion

curated by Susan Jahoda and Jesal Kapadia

Setting in Motion is the title for collaborative and individual projects in film, animation and video works to be screened during the conference on Friday October 27th and Saturday 28th. Consecutively, there will be a presentation and discussion by artist, writer and critic Gregg Bordowitz on Friday October 27th 2006 at 4:00pm.

In curating these works we draw from Jacques Rancière's work on the politics of aesthetics. Rancière describes a logic that has situated and, paradoxically, grounded art's potential for disagreement or dissensus. Thus, as art becomes increasingly about issues described as occupying politics, it becomes less polemical. What is called for is a reshaping of the space that artistic practice occupies, enabling political art to be politically effective.

Together, these projects share an affective view of a global socio-political landscape, referenced through metaphor and fiction, perception, psychoanalysis, and corporeality. They address a broad range of content, utilizing diverse strategies, repetitions, reactualizations, restagings, and reenactments, within the genres of experimental, underground, and activist media.

As both curators and participating artists, we have included works that individually and collectively seek an alternative economy of vision. This imaginary reconfigures political artistic practice as embodied visuality, in relation to both history and contemporary culture.

Participating artists and writers*
  • Ayreen Anastas
  • Stephen Andrews
  • *Gregg Bordowitz
  • *Moyra Davey
  • *Ashley Hunt
  • Susan Jahoda
  • Jesal Kapadia
  • Lin + Lam
  • Ulrike Mller
  • Jenny Perlin
  • Emily Roysdon
  • Jason Simon
  • Speculative Archive
    (Julia Meltzer and David Thorne)
  • James Pei-Mun Tsang
  • *Yates Mckee

*Writers' projects are published in Rethinking Marxism Volume 18 Issue 4