Conference Schedule

The conference consists of panels and plenaries and one play.

Schedule of panels and papers.

Schedule of plenaries and Howard Zinn's play Marx in Soho.

Overview of film, video and performace pieces.

Schedule of Panels and Papers

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Each panel has a letter-number code followed by a number in brackets. The letter corresponds to the time of the panel (see table below). The number is for our records. The number in brackets is the room number in the Campus Center Hotel where the panel will be held.

A Thursday, September 21 1 pm - 3 pm
B Thursday, September 21 3:30 pm - 5 pm
C Friday, September 22 9:30 am - 11:30 am
D Friday, September 22 1 pm - 3 pm
E Saturday, September 23 9:30 am - 11:30 am
F Saturday, September 23 1 pm - 3 pm
G Saturday, September 23 3:30 pm - 5 pm
H Sunday, September 24 9:30 am - 11 am
I Sunday, September 24 11:30 am - 1 pm

Thursday, September 21: 1 pm - 3 pm

A1 [176] Workers, Workers' Rights and Resistance in a Global Economy

A2 [174] The Role of Art: Legitimization or Transformation?

A3 [803] Revisiting the Logics of Utopia and Crisis

A4 [169] Reading Late Capitalism

A5 [165] Modernism and the Cold War: The Berlin Wall Seen from the East

A6 [162-75] Corporations: Polishing their Images

A7 [804] Alternative Left Political Paradigms

A8 [173] Capitalisms

A9 [168] Subjectivity: Singular, Collective, Abstract, or Ambivalent?

A10 [171] Discourses in Latin American Politics: Class, Ethnic, Progressive, Revolutionary

A11 [905-909] Political Struggles: Against Poverty and Over Rights

A12 [163] Postmarxisms: Transgression, Incorporation, Traumas and Language

A13 [903] Rethinking Liberalism

A14 [805-09] Left, Marxist and Postcolonial Enunciations

A15 [904] Postmodern Marxisms

A16 [170-72] Gangs, Race and Prisons: Forging New Identities and Politics

A17 [164] Left Politics/Marxian Economics

A18 [908] Reality, Vision and Utopia

A19 [808] The Political Economy of East Asian Development and Crisis

A20 [911-15] Labor, Class and Development

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Thursday, September 21: 3:30 pm - 5 pm

B1 [174] Rethinking Marxism: Editors, Readers and Prospective Authors

B2 [903] Escape from Capitalism: An Erich Fromm Centenary

B3 [176] Foucault and the Concept of Governmentality: Beyond the State and Civil Society

B4 [905-09] The Good Terror

B5 [170-72] If It Feels Good: Work and Pleasure in Victorian Culture

B6 [808] Marxism and Science: Social and Natural

B7 [173] Literature and Class: Toward a Non-Essentialist Marxian Theory

B8 [163] Marx after Derrida and Deleuze

B9 [168] A Marxian Walk Down Wall Street

B10 [908] MassAction: Changing History Through Theory and Practice in Today's Growing Social Movement

A roundtable discussion on dissent in the United States with members of MassAction, a network of Pioneer Valley groups and individuals working to build on the nation's growing social movement

B11 [803] Of Cooks, Cola-Wars and "Indo-Chic": The Commodification and Consumption of Asian Styles and Food in North America

B12 [162-75] Socialism, Relationships and Human Nature: A Revolution Starting Now -- Roundtable

B13 [169] Third World Marxisms and Literatures

B14 [164] Performing Feminism: Lives, Imagination and Class

B15 [904] Reconstituting the Feudal Subject: Toward a Non-Modernist Approach

B16 [804] Promoting Popular Culture

B17 [165] Pure Chutney - Screening and Discussion with Producer

B18 [911-15] Environmental Politics: Global Dimensions

B19 [171] Considering the Body: Queered, Raced and Classed

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Friday, September 22: 9:30 am - 11:30 am

C1 [911-15] China's Path to Socialist Development: Part I -- Sponsored by Nature, Society, and Thought

C2 [163] The Contradictions of Public and Private Expression in Murals, Film and Information Technology, or Returning the Right of Culture to the People

C3 [171] Exercising the Spectres of Marx - Sponsored by Vancouver Institute for Social Research

C4 [173] Hegel's Enduring Presence in Marxism, from Lukacs to Dunayevskaya

C5 [905-09] (Orthodox) Marxism on the Boundaries - Panelists are All Members of the Red Collective

Module I -- Class and Materiality: Labor, The Unsaid of Re-visionist Heterodoxy

Module II -- Marxism and Globalization: Internationalism, Exploitation, and Class Struggle Today

C6 [101] Perspectives on Globalization--Work at the Political Economy Research Institute

C7 [803] Post-Marxisms and the Question of the Social Sciences

C8 [174-76] Reading Gramsci Today -- Roundtable -- Sponsored by the International Gramsci Society

C9 [805-09] The Politics of Resistance: Agency, Utopia, Revolution

C10 [170] Performing Marx: Plays of Production, Characters of Consumption, Acts of Accumulation

C11 [175] The Red and the Green: Marxism and Nationalism in Modern Ireland

C12 [804] Sartre Intersecting Marx: Morality and Political Agency - Co-sponsored by Radical Philosophy Association and the North American Sartre Society

C13 [917] Multiple Class Positions: From the Bedroom to the Boardroom

C14 [808] Sexuality, Religion, Race, Class and Gender:  Embracing Alterities

C15 [165] The Dead Weight of a Quarrel Hangs -- Performance/Presentation

C16 [164] Disability, Addiction, and Difference: Marxist Perspectives on Reform and Subjectivity

C17 [168] The Road to Poverty: The Making of Wealth and Poverty in Appalachia - A Dialogue

C18 [908] Human Flourishing: Perspectives on Justice and Morality

C19 [904] Accumulation, Moral Sympathy and the Law: Issues in Political Economy

C20 [169] Critical Theories and Capitalist Reification

C21 [162] Feminist Imaginations/Feminist Struggles

C22 [172] Behind the Screens: Hollywood Goes Hypercommercial -- Screening and Discussion with Producer

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Friday, September 22: 1 pm - 3 pm

D1 [805-09] Class Struggle in the City: Bringing Marx Back In - Sponsored by Socialist Review

D2 [101] Community, Commons, Communality: Enacting Noncapitalist Desires through Community-Based Research: Illustrated Papers

D3 [174-76] The Culture Wars-Report from the Front: Confronting the Power of the Commercial Culture

D4 [162] An Eye for Profit

D5 [164] Globalization, Incarceration, and Labor

D6 [917] Gramscian Concepts: Hegemony, the State, Passive Revolution, Subalternity -- Sponsored by the International Gramsci Society

D7 [171] Marxism and Science in the New Millennium

D8 [911-15] Marxism and the Study of US Politics: Why Political Science Gets It Wrong - Sponsored by New Political Science

D9 [808] The Exploitation of Cultural Workers---YOU---and How to Avoid It: A NWU Seminar on Contracts, Copyright, and Collective Action

Learn about recent actions the National Writers Union has taken to defend the lives of working writers (including academic authors)---such as Tasini vs. the New Yorks Times, a class action suit against the Boston Globe, and its landmark agreement with Brill's Also learn what YOU need to know to protect your rights by a trained contract advisor in the National Writers Union

D10 [170] Chinese Marxism: Its History, Recent Developments and Social Functions

D11 [804] "The Point Is to Change It" Education for Social Change in the Social Thought and Political Economy Program (STPEC) at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst

D12 [905-09] Spinoza: A Materialism for the 21st Century

D13 [173] Staging the Fetish: Marxist Maneuvers and Cultural Production

D14 [172] New Genealogies of "Politics and Literature"

D15 [908] Literary Critical Theory

D16 [903] Cinema and Representation: Images of Self, Class and Community

D17 [165] What Farocki Taught - Screening

D18 [803] The Political Economy of Globalization

D19 [168] Race, Politics and Alienation

D20 [163] Rights, Justice, Derrida and Class

D21 [169] Colonial Rule/Colonial Isolations

D22 [175] Marxism and Religion

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Saturday, September 23: 9:30 am - 11:30 am

E1 [169] The Banality of the White Supremacist State

E2 [805-09] Beyond Globalization: New Marxist Perspectives on the Contestation of Urban Space

E3 [911-15] Commodification: Theory and Practice

E4 [908] Critical Realism: Economics and Social Theory

E5 [164] Teaching Politics to Anti-Corporate Student Activists - Workshop - Sponsored by Radical Teacher

E6 [905-09] Gender, Modernity, and Transnationalism

E7 [173] Making Class Work

E8 [903] Marxism and the Bible

E9 [163] Media Representation and Ideology: Case Studies in Cultural Analysis

E10 [804] More Value for Your Dollar: New Directions in Value Theory

E11 [174-76] The People's Geography Project: Popularizing Radical Geography

E12 [101] Postcolonial Thought and Economics

E13 [808] Rethinking Globalization: Neoliberal Conceptualizations, Intellectual Property, Sustainable Development, and the Environment

E14 [172] Science, Nature, and the Institutions of Exploitation

E15 [917] The Wages of Hybridity

E16 [803] Contemporary Labor Struggles--New Models, Remembered Legacies

E17 [162] Deleuze and Marx

E18 [165] Post Soviet Queer & Class Identity in the USA

E19 [170] Latin American Marxisms

E20 [168] Representation, Labor and Exchange: The Question of Value

E21 [171] Digital Marx

E22 [175] Urban Ideologies and Cultural Practices: Contests over Urban Meaning and Economy

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Saturday, September 23: 1 pm - 3 pm

F1 [174-76] Are We the World, and Who Are We? Globalist Spontaneism vs. the Politics of Representation

F2 [162-75] Black Marxism and the Black Radical Tradition Reconsidered

F3 [168] Brecht Now! Return of the Repressed

F4 [911-15] For Althusser-Against Althusser

F5 [172] Global Economy, Global Justice: Theoretical and Policy Alternatives to Neoliberalism: A Dialogue

F6 [164] The Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism - Roundtable - Sponsored by Historich-Kritisches Worterbuch des Marxismus

F7 [169] Marx's Theories of Value and Economic Crisis Today

F8 [804] Reading Capital: The Subject of Marx

F9 [171] The Price of a Ticket--A staged reading of a work in progress, followed by question & answer session with the playwright

F10 [908] New and Forthcoming Texts from the "Marx-Engels Gesamtausgabe" (MEGA): I

F11 [905-09] Philosophy in the Age of Finance Capital: Subjectivity

F12 [805-09] The Politics of Migration in Contemporary Capitalism: Experiences in Europe

F13 [101] Rethinking Phases of Capitalist Development

F14 [803] Rethinking Marxism/Feminism

F15 [917] Socialism: Democratic, Planned, and Participatory - Sponsored by Science & Society

F16 [903] World Bank Literature

F17 [163] The Point is Not to Study Whiteness but to Abolish It

F18 [165] Performing the Border - Screening

F19 [904] Capital Ventures, Media Technologies, and the Aesthetics of Speculation

F20 [170] Values

F21 [808] China's Path to Socialist Development: Part II -- Sponsored by Nature, Society, and Thought

F22 [173] Revisiting the Logics of Utopia and Crisis

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Saturday, September 23: 3:30 pm - 5 pm

G1 [917] Althusser & Aleatory Materialism

G2 [911-15] Author Meets Critics: Michael Howard's Self-Management and the Crisis of Socialism

G3 [905-09] Brecht's Versified [Communist] Manifesto in English Today

G4 [171] Cyborgs, Punks and Cosmetics

G5 [101] Class and Its Others: Readings and Book Signing Party

G6 [908] Corporate Genealogies

G7 [174-76] Ecology: A Roundtable Debate among Marxists

G8 [164] What Difference Does Political Teaching Make? - Workshop - Sponsored by Radical Teacher

G9 [169] The Four Drafts of Capital

G10 [163] International Gay

G11 [903] Irreconcilable Differences: International Perspectives on Feminist Organizing and Scholarship

G12 [803] Marxism and Sex

G13 [168] Marxism and Utopia

G14 [805-09] Education and the Boundaries of Capital -- Workshop -- Sponsored by the Rouge Forum

G15 [172] Pragmatism & Marxism: Past, Present, Future

G16 [173] The Politics of American Multiculturalism: The People, the Canon, the Literary Text

G17 [804] Returns to Marx

G18 [808] The Subject in/of Marx(ism)

G19 [162-75] Theorizing the Gift

G20 [170] Crashing The Party! Video highlights of IndyMedia Center Coverage from the Philadelphia and Los Angeles Conventions

G21 [904] Divining the Next Stage for Marxist-Feminist-Economics

G22 [165] Game Over: Gender, Race and Violence in Video Games - Screening and Discussion with Producer

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Sunday, September 24: 9:30 am - 11 am

H1 [173] Afro-Caribbean and African American Culture and Expression: Marxist Analyses - Sponsored by Nature, Society, and Thought

H2 [164] Critical Approaches to Subjectivity

H3 [804] Dynamics and Psychodynamics: Theoretical Foundations for a Society at the Service of Persons -- Workshop

H4 [168] Identity, Citizenship and Resistance in the Age of Global Capitalism: Session I

H5 [163] Marxism and the Environmental Crisis

H6 [176] Methodology and Karl Marx: Critical Realist Interpretations

H7 [803] Neutral Sites: The Global Fabrications of Neo-Liberal Discourse

H8 [170-72] Research and Organizing for a Living Wage

H9 [808] Rethinking the Bolshevik Legacy for the Post-Modern World

H10 [165] Teaching Radical Political Economy through Film

H11 [175] Is Marxist Art Practice Viable Today?

H12 [162] Philosophy in the Age of Finance Capital: History

H13 [903] (Re)reading Marx

H14 [174] Rosa and Ruth/Terror and Truth -- Dialogue

H15 [904] Postmarxism and History's End: Ontology, and Practice

H16 [908] Marx and Labor

H17 [169] Political Thinking about/in Cuba

H18 [917] Alternative Class Locations/New Class Struggles

H19 [905-09] What Future(s) for Socialism?

H20 [911-15] The Political Economy of Education: Representations, Struggles and Boundaries

H21 [805-09] The New Political Economy of Education: Discourse, Semiotics, and Marketization

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Sunday, September 24: 11:30 am - 1 pm

I1 [805-09] Categories in Conflict: Nation, Class, Sexuality

I2 [803] Marxism and Alterity -- Sponsored by The Interdisciplinary Marxist Studies Working Group

I3 [908] New and Forthcoming Texts from the "Marx-Engels Gesamtausgabe" (MEGA): II

I4 [904] Identity, Citizenship and Resistance in the Age of Global Capitalism: Session II

I5 [163] The Ideology of Criticism: Valuation vs. Aesthetics?

I6 [171] New York and the Mystery of Naples: A Journey through Gramsci's World told by Dario Fo -- Screening of Film by Giorgio Baratta

I7 [903] Who Is the Subject of Class Analysis?

I8 [174] Filmic Representations of the Global

I9 [911-15] Marxism in the African American Literary Canon

I10 [905-09] Proletarian Literature

I11 [168] Domestic and International Responses of Labor to Globalization--Sponsored by Nature, Society and Thought

I12 [164] Irish Struggles

I13 [804] Political Struggles: Party, State and Global

I14 [173] Identity and Ideological Constructions

I15 [176] The Politics of Cultural Studies and Cultural Production

I16 [169] Issues in Marxist Philosophy

I17 [162] Global Perspectives on Globalization

I18 [170-72] Marx and Freud

I19 [808] Political Economy: Value, Price and Exploitation

I20 [165] Advertising and the End of the World -- Screening and Discussion with Producer

I21 [175] Race, Class, and Global Capitalism - Sponsored by The Beyond Capital Education Project

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