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AESA welcomes new members through nomination by current members, who suggest a new member's name to the Board. The potential new member is then invited to write a brief introduction that includes a description of research interests and ways they would like to participate in AESA's work.

If you are a current member and know someone whose interests align with AESA's, please tell us about them. Also, tell them about us! You may wish to use the statement of purpose or the invitation letter template. If you or they want more in-person experience with the group before deciding to join, you may invite them to be a guest at our annual retreat or participate in some other event where there is a gathering of current AESA members.

AESA Invitation Letter

Dear Colleague,

For over 30 years the Association for Economic and Social Analysis (AESA) has offered communities, activists, artists, and academics a home for thinking about Marxian approaches to economic, social, cultural, and political problems through Marxism’s rich tradition of multiple and often conflicting theories and strategies. AESA provides a vibrant collective to draw on such Marxian traditions as we seek “to interpret and to intervene in the world.”

We encourage the participation of people from many disciplines and fields, both within and outside of academia, and explorations of the intersections of Marxism with other perspectives, such feminism, community/solidarity economies, critical race theory, postcolonial/decolonial theories and psychoanalysis. We are also interested in expanding the diversity of styles and modalities, e.g. academic, journalistic, and artistic, for producing and presenting Marxist discourses.

Here is a little bit about our organization: AESA produces the international journal for non-essentialist Marxian analysis, Rethinking Marxism. The aim of Rethinking Marxism is to stimulate interest in and debate over the explanatory power and social consequences of Marxian economic, cultural, and social analysis.  If you are interested in learning more about the journal, click here: About Rethinking Marxism.

AESA holds yearly retreats—informal gatherings where people share working papers, community projects, spirited discussion and critique—to support and extend members’ thinking and activities. It also maintains a moderated listserv that keeps its members apprised of issues of interest. We have several plans, including a conference or Gala and a summer school, and we are currently organizing local reading and discussion groups to support a wide range of thinking and writing about our shared interests in Marxian theory and practice.

Expert knowledge is not required in order to join AESA; rather, what unites us is curiosity, generosity, and fierce commitments to social transformation based in Marxian analyses and praxis. I think you have much to contribute to—and hopefully benefit from—AESA, so I would like to nominate you to become a member.

AESA Dues and Donations

AESA membership dues can be paid via PayPal or by check.

Membership dues may be sent to:

Drucilla Barker
2831 Clark St.
Columbia, SC 29201

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