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Current Issue

Volume 28  Issue 3/4  July–October 2016

Special Issue: Marxism And Spirituality

Editors: Anjan Chakrabarti, Anup Dhar, and Serap Kayatekin

Editors’ Introduction

Marx, Foucault, and the Secularization of Western Culture
Vivek Dhareshwar

Saint Francis in Climate-Changing Times: Form of Life, the Highest Poverty, and Postcapitalist Politics
Stephen Healy

First Medicine: Stories of Water and Now
Kristi Leora Gansworth and Karen Werner

What Kind of “Life Affirmation”? Disentangling the Conflation of Spinoza and Nietzsche
Jan Rehmann

Faiths with a Heart and Heartless Religions: Devout Alternatives to the Merciless Rationalization of Charity
Cihan Tuğal

Ernst Bloch and the Spirituality of Utopia
Peter Thompson

Walter Benjamin: Translation and Spirit in the Time of the Now
Jared Randall

Transcendence, Spirituality, Practices, Immanence: A Conversation with Antonio Negri
Judith Revel
Translated by Arianna Bove

Reading Marx with Levinas
Serap A. Kayatekin and Jack Amariglio

Beastly Spirits: A Pack of Folks
Nikolay Oleynikov and Oxana Timofeeva

Subalterns, Religion, and the Philosophy of Praxis in Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks
Fabio Frosini
Translated by Derek Boothman

Inner Life, Politics, and the Secular: Is There a “Spirituality” of Subalterns and Dalits? Notes on Gramsci and Ambedkar
Cosimo Zene

Marxism as Asketic, Spirituality as Phronetic: Rethinking Praxis
Anup Dhar and Anjan Chakrabarti

Crossing Materialism and Religion: An Interview on Marxism and Spirituality with the Fourteenth Dalai Lama
Anup Dhar, Anjan Chakrabarti, and Serap Kayatekin


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